Thursday, October 4, 2012

This weekend i learned...

Drinking beer out of a dog bowl makes bubbles tickle your nose.

Towel rods make an excellent bathroom hitching post.

Getting hit with a belt hurts, especially by a belt that is made out of a steel band encased in leather.

That’s called a ‘gun belt’. ^.^

i’m not a fan of this whole belt thing, but the abrasions it leaves are pretty.

Sir cumming in said abrasions stung almost as badly as cum in the eye.

When Sir says, “you are nothing”, it’s not an insult, it’s a challenge to do my best to be a ‘something’.

When Sir says, “you are My nothing”, it means i’m anything and everything He wants.

Sir’s new favourite ‘something’ is His ashtray.

Eating a handful of ashes for the first time feels a lot like The Cinnamon Challenge.

When someone is putting a cigarette out on your tongue, it’s best to not have a dry mouth.

Declaring that i am not a masochist is of no relevance to any of Sir’s plans.

i am, in fact, capable of chewing through a ball gag.

We need a new ball gag.

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