Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Every knot was an intention, a manifestation, a prayer.

Many of them i whispered my mantra to: "Obey, serve, love, excel", every one filled with my promise, and purpose.

Others carry my hopes, dreams, wishes, and plans;

i will live closer to the Earth.

i will renew my yoga practice.

i will strive to treat others with loving kindness.

i will strive to treat myself with loving kindness.

i will live outside the chains of expectation.

i will be patient, and therefore peaceful.

i will manifest love and joy in my daily living.

i will be more myself, being His.

i will find beauty wherever i walk.

i will always seek Truth.

These things i carry with me, now, locked into place, part of me. An ever-present, nearly intrinsic reminder of where my path lies. These things i bind to myself, in knots that can't be untied.
i wish everyone blessings in the year ahead.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Over the river and through the woods...

Tomorrow (or, later today) we are hitting the road headed North, to my family's for the holiday. This will be the first time i have spent Yule at my mother's in...years. Numerous years. Like a fifth of my life. i'm only anxious because i'm expecting the fear. For the first time ever, i really have no real apprehension about the holidays at that house. It's only because Sir will be there.

i haven't had what you would call a "normal" family upbringing. my mother signed me into state's custody my first year of middle school. i spent the remainder of my school years bouncing through foster homes and other placements, never really settling anywhere. So really, this whole "let's get together and be family 'cos CHRISTMAS" is really sort of a foreign concept to me. Add to that the fact that my mother has the manipulative skills of an MI6 operative at the top of their game, well, 'scuse me for not getting my warm fuzzies all up in the eggnog, too.

When Sir first met my mother, i must admit i watched Him very closely. i was terrified she would lull Him into a sense of security, like she was some kind of harmless. If He had bought the act, i think...i think we wouldn't be where we are now. He didn't, though. For once in my life i saw her lose, and i won. i won because He is my safe place, and my family. It broke a hold she had over me, and all the...crap...i had carried, vanished, BAM, just like that.

So i have this complete lack of trepidation, now, and for some reason, it scares me. How much of my identity did i wrap up in the woes of being my mother's child? It really is the core of the whole of my "story".

Or, it was.

Today i will look forward to what is yet to be written, my story with Him, instead of rereading chapters.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Enlightenment, then the laundry.

"True teachers not only impart knowledge and method but awaken the love of learning by their own reflected love." -Robert Grudin
i was incredibly blessed to be able to attend Raven Kaldera and Joshua Tenpenny's "Edges of Power" M/s intensive this past weekend with Sir, hosted by the amazing folks at Castle Griffin. i want to start by thanking everyone for making such an awesome experience possible. (Thank you thank you thank you!)

Yes, no one can tell you how to run your M/s relationship. However, there are some amazing resources out there. Raven and Joshua are providing an incredibly useful thing for so many, and i am grateful not only that they exist, but that they share their experience and vast knowledge with others. They are amazing teachers, and the world is better for it.

It's funny how the Universe works. A year of our relationship was based in spirituality, this past year was based in M/s, and this weekend had both. It was like coming full circle. i was excited for the spirituality bit, and ended up being blown away by the revelations brought about by the nuts-and-bolts part.
"The contradiction so puzzling to the ordinary way of thinking, comes from the fact that we have to use language to communicate our inner experience which in its very nature transcends linguistics." — DT Suzuki
More revelatory than the workshops themselves is what we did with the knowledge laid before us. i wish i had the words to share the epiphanies the learning prompted. i don't. The most important work we did this weekend was not learning in class, but using that learning to further us outside of class.

Some of what i can explain is just too deeply personal to share. Some of what i can't explain i wish i could share with everyone. So it goes.

All i can say is sometimes, the stars align and you receive a transformational experience. This was such a time, and i will carry it with me always.
“Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.” - Zen proverb

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Expectation breeds Disappointment

A little bit ago...

Sir had just arrived Home from work. i was making His drink before i got ready to leave for work. We were talking about our days, and i slipped in a bit of complaining (working 'two' jobs, not seeing Him as much as i would like, i had a sad). He nodded, murmured some affirmative, and continued talking about His day. i turned back to completing His beverage.

Something must have crossed my face, because He broke off and demanded, "What is it?"

i felt silly saying it, but i dutifully answered; "i had..i guess i had expected some...sympathy?"

He laughed, "If there is anything I need to drill into your head, it's to not expect so much." (poking me in the 'silly cunt' button on mah head.)

''What's your job?"

"To do whatever You say?"

"Yes. Remember that, and expect that I love you and will always keep you, but beyond that, you get what you get."


(Expectations, letting go of, working on it)

Monday, December 3, 2012

iftaḥ simsim

iftaḥ simsim

"i just don't like anyone's hands touching me...down there..."

"Anyone's but MINE, you mean."

i didn't squirm away, or hastily clamp my thighs together, every time, but Sir knew i had locked myself away inside, far away from where His hands were exploring. He stopped. He didn't have to, He has that right to do something whether i want it or not, but He did. He wants me to like this thing, not grit my teeth and bear it.

"Just relax", He said, as His hand settled onto me, His elbow gently nudging a protective knee aside. i took a deep breath, to quell the panic. i was fighting to not go screaming back to that dark, unspeakable place. The place i would tell anyone i had left behind, a place of paralyzing fear. The wrong place. i take another deep breath.

For a moment, i'm awestruck by how BIG His hand seemed, like He was cradling the whole of me in His palm. i let the warmth of it flow through my skin. Finally, i can meet His eyes. "Open". It's nearly a whisper.

Muladhara, and the rest of me, burst open like like a spring flower kissed by sunlight. i never even knew how cold it had been. For the first time in memory there wasn't any fear. i was safe in His hands.

A hundred million moments lived in that instant. There was sensuality, a sense of security, lust, confidence, forgiveness, healing, stability, awe, love. It is times like these when He breaks me, blows me apart to remake me into something stronger, more beautiful.

This morning i was quiet, as i usually am after He cracks me wide open. It's a little death and a big rebirth, and i'm still raw, fresh and brand new. He draws me close and tells me how proud of me He is, "you always handle the really hard stuff so well". He kisses my forehead, and i am utterly content.

i am not so much a warrior when He hurts me more than i thought i could take, than when He heals me more than i think i can stand.