Thursday, October 4, 2012


There have been so many parcels in the post, lately! Like, every day, July Yule! Hurrah!

Sir has ordered whole bunches of glamping goodies for our second venture to Rope Camp, and there’s been some awesome sundries and what, namely the fancy travel bar kit He got for me to make His drinks. It even has a strap, so i can carry it around easier! (before anyone asks, yes, i will be holding those drinks.) The real jewel of the set is the sexy zesting tool. i am going to be making peel curls like you would not believe. Mmmm.

Today, there was a different box. Ooooh and i knew what it was, the logo of my favourite hippie-dippie retailer! Hooray! But i had to wait, and i spent a good deal of time glancing at it, right there next to me on the floor. Oooh ooh ooh! After a good deal of hectic flitting about to get my chores done, i got His OFA message and made His drink, and finally after the bustle of the Homecoming we settle in .He flipped one of His pocketknives open, and handed it to me. i get to open it! i slit the tape, grasped the flaps, and…

He took the box out of my hands!

Now, for a second one thought He was about to be really mean, yeah?

Not even!

He lifts out my pretty!

bells got a belt!

Here’s the thing. Sir wants me in skirts, all the time, yes? He also wants me to have certain items on hand at all times. But not all skirts come with pockets, and those that do always wind up with my stuff annoying my leg in some fashion and are rarely, if ever, just roomy enough. i’m not about to go about sewing cargo pockets on all my skirts.

This belt is pockets.
(Isn’t it super-nifty?)

It’s the coolest thing ever, and when i saw it, i -squee-’d.

But that’s not all, folks. Whatever comes next?

A skirt.

Not just any skirt, people, but a skirt, exactly like the one this stupid slut totally fucking ruined in the wash, because i didn’t think.

What followed that was a super pretty shirt that i can never wear in public, but will to Camp, that matched it.

“Tears of gratitude”, y’know, you read it, and it is nothing like when it happens.

i love how He is always surprising me, and delighting in doing so.

Especially when it’s not a mean surprise.

i am, in fact, spoiled absolutely rotten because underneath those wondrous items, was the rest of my Rope Camp wardrobe.

zomg Him. Him Him Him. -bouncebouncebounce-
*~Lucky’s lucky girl~*

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