Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Object of the Evening

Sir received His new “accessory” for His Good Girl™ in the post a week ago, and i’ve had the opportunity to get used to the feel of it. In the picture on the website, the model is holding a delicate stemmed glass, and with good reason. “Rocks glasses” are aptly named in this case. i’m not complaining, there is a small manner of holding the angle of one’s head correctly so the drink, (Old Fashioneds, in this case), rests level when set down. (i would say about fifteen degrees). The apparatus itself is far more comfortable than i had anticipated (no small amount of dread, there), and both the jaw and back of the head are well supported (there’s this cushy bit in the back, it’s rather nice). 

Last night, having returned from a lovely dinner, Sir took His brandy (snifters are much lighter) upstairs, and i was fitted with the serving gag. i had anticipated that, and had it at the ready. What i had not foreseen was Sir tying my hands back. i had not been bound as His drink holder before, although my arms usually naturally came to rest behind me. This brought a whole new dimension to being a serving tray, and i became His Drink Holder(tm). i had become accustomed to serving as a drink holder or footstool (can’t quite do both) in the evenings while He watched a movie, but *this* movie, i didn’t expect. i held His drink, and watched Him watch porn, and felt strangely helpless. Then, in another unexpected move, Sir set His drink aside and replaced the serving gag with the cold metal of the spider gag. 

This is where wandering the forums had gotten this girl in trouble. Sir had found the idea of using His Good Girl™ as His Cum Rag™ delightful, apparently, and i was not allowed to participate in His orgasm, other than being something to aim at. He was glad to taunt me with that, wanting so badly to feel Him. It was oddly painful, there, restrained, waiting for Him to be done getting off watching someone else, almost like i was jealous of the actors for being the source of His orgasm. When He finished on me, He saw how badly i wanted to come, too, but He didn’t permit it, and in that moment i had very little sense of being, well, anything but what purpose i served.

Needless to say, over coffee this morning Sir declared He enjoyed that immensely, and is excited for His new use for His Good Girl™. It doesn’t matter much which movie He watches, Sir will always have a useful object for the evening.

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