Friday, October 5, 2012

Non-ironic statements.

Last night, while i was making Sir's snack, i mused aloud that there was no more creamy
peanut butter. His reply?

"That has no bearing on My reality"

(He prefers crunchy)

It looks like He may have been being sardonic, but i assure you, Dear Reader, He wasn't. The fact that there's only crunchy peanut butter in the house (which i hate) has absolutely no effect on Him. Really, and why should it? Sir's matter-of-fact tone and deadpan delivery reiterated the long-realized concept that what i want, i get only by His desire to give me such. The new epiphany is that sometimes it's not even something worth mentioning.

i was reminded of another exchange, not ironical at all, shortly after Sir collared me. We were debating some topic or another, and every salient point i made was met with "you may be right, but..." Let's say i'm not usually thrilled to be losing a debate. In exasperation, i exclaimed;

"Am i ever going to win with You?!?"

Sir stopped, His eyes bored into mine as He softly replied;

i only felt a little silly as i added 'peanut butter' to my grocery list.

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