Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, what a night!

So, Sir had threatened to put sparklers in my butt for the Fourth of July, i’m assuming there’s a reason that had something to do with independence, right? Since i had foiled that plan by buying, y’know, mega sparklers that would likely catch my hair on fire, even from there, so He bought some the next day and followed through with His plan anyway. Then, of course, had to show evidence.

Yesterday we had the Great FetLife Meme War ’12, which mostly centered about His threatened beating of me with a hose, and was great fun, and later when i sprayed Him with same hose in the pool, He made some insinuations about another, more spectacular sparkler display. Luckily, i did not get beaten with the hose. Neither was the display to come to pass.

Oh, but what did happen.

i usually at least give Sir a blowjob before bed, and it was late, but i noticed He was very awake. As i began, He demanded i “get my slutty cunt wet” for Him. Like it would take much after that. He flipped me over and took me from behind, as He is wont to do. After the first few thrusts, my head and arms were off the side of the bed, and i was reaching, grasping, flailing for any handhold to keep me from falling straight off. i held onto the bed frame as He pounded into me, and when He ripped His cock out of my pussy and commanded me to cum, i complied readily, soaking the bedding as He had taught my body to do so readily, His cum spraying onto my back.

He smacked my ass fondly and rolled onto His back, His breathing slowing. i was stuck. You know the way, dear Reader, when one can’t simply pull themselves up from some position. Sir laughed, and pulled me back onto the bed, and we realized i had torn my hand on the metal of the bed frame. Sir licked my wounds, and it wasn’t long after that His cock was in my mouth again.

This time, when Sir entered me, He pushed my face down into the pillows, and after a moment His hand closed around my neck. i could feel it tighten, and loosen, at intervals while He fucked me, and i fell into the blissful feeling that’s the place between when you’re dreaming and awake. He made me cum with Him, and we fell apart, exhausted, on the bed, and after, nestled together and slept.

The thing is, yes, Sir is a sadist, and sometimes i am wholly intimidated by Him, or at least what’s going on in His mind, ha! Sometimes it is all about His control, His pleasure, my pain, and we mix well that way. Sir is also a passionate, powerful, gentle, soulful and incredible Man, and i am in such awe of how He bursts open my heart, shines through my soul, (blows my mind), and, y’know, ‘splodes my girly bits. Hehehe.

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