Saturday, December 15, 2012

Expectation breeds Disappointment

A little bit ago...

Sir had just arrived Home from work. i was making His drink before i got ready to leave for work. We were talking about our days, and i slipped in a bit of complaining (working 'two' jobs, not seeing Him as much as i would like, i had a sad). He nodded, murmured some affirmative, and continued talking about His day. i turned back to completing His beverage.

Something must have crossed my face, because He broke off and demanded, "What is it?"

i felt silly saying it, but i dutifully answered; "i had..i guess i had expected some...sympathy?"

He laughed, "If there is anything I need to drill into your head, it's to not expect so much." (poking me in the 'silly cunt' button on mah head.)

''What's your job?"

"To do whatever You say?"

"Yes. Remember that, and expect that I love you and will always keep you, but beyond that, you get what you get."


(Expectations, letting go of, working on it)

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